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 How To Enjoy Astronomy

Here you'll find resources on many aspects of astronomy

Get Into Astronomy

What's the best way to get started? Here are 10 tips on embarking on a wonderful journey into the world of astronomy.

Learn The Lingo

Astronomy is a science, so that means there are some technical terms. The good news is that the basics are easy to comprehend.

Using A Naked-Eye Star Map

You're interested in exploring the night sky? Great! Here's how you can use a night sky map.

Finding Stars With A Planisphere

At first these hand-held devices might look tricky. You'll find they are very easy to use.

Binoculars: Halfway To A Telescope

When it comes to using optical equipment to observe, binoculars are the best first step.

Choosing A Telescope

There's so much on offer!  Here's a guide to choosing a telescope.

Using a Map at the Telescope

The essentials of navigating the heavens with a telescope and a star atlas.